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Movie Critic Review: Darfur Now (2007)

"How do you overcome hatred? some got the stupid idea that they are better than others because of the color of their skin, or religion; they are being consumed by shameless pride, become monsters... Darfur, Rwanda, Sarajevo and many more. How can you make human beings out of such horrific monsters?" A reader's comment.
"This was a great documentary and it was extremely sad. After watching this its hard to believe that people in america still complain about stupid things when these people in Darfur would do anything to come to america. Its good to see that Don Cheadle and George Clooney really want to do something about the genocide. Even if you don't like documentaries I would still suggest this to you." A reader's comment.

Don Cheadle

Darfur Now

"Hard to watch but impossible to turn away from, Darfur Now aims to educate, illuminate, and, most of all, motivate viewers to somehow get involved in bringing the calamitous situation in that African land to an end. Some basic facts are provided at the beginning of writer-director Theodore Braun’s 98-minute documentary: Located in western Sudan, Darfur, a region about the size of France with a population of six million, has been in a state of severe crisis since 2003, when non-Arabs rebelled against the Muslim government. Working in tandem with the dread Janjaweed (literally 'devils on horseback') to wipe out the rebels, military forces have enacted a relentless and systematic genocide that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, with millions more displaced. The film then focuses on six individuals and their roles in the conflict. ... Beautifully filmed and edited, with multiple stories taking place on several fronts, Darfur Now plays more like a fictional drama than a documentary. But it's all too real, of course." (Sam Graham) Source of Text

Darfur Now (2007) USA. 98 min. 

Genre: Documentary
Written and directed by Ted Braun
Cast:  Ahmad Abaker, Hawa Abaker, Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Iron Man), Hejewa Adam, Pablo Recalde, George Clooney (Two Oscars), Louis Moreno-Ocampo (Prosecutor ICC) and Adam Sterling. 
Original music by: Graeme Ravell

Filmography of Darfur: (Not a complete list)

Darfur Now (2007), Death Came on a Horseback (2007), Darfur Diaries: Message from Home (2004), Darfur (2009), Heroes of the Spirit (2006), Attack on Darfur (See clip belowwarning, very graphic)


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