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Movie Critic review: The Shining (1980) Part Three

Kubricks Made Easy On seeing The Shining first time, it is hard to seat it snugly in your memory as a horror movie. It's different. There is no obvious horror movie technique. No pop ups. No mutilations, No beheadings. Ghosts are not transparent. Rather they are flesh-and-blood human beings in a ghostly stage of their lives. An idea which is scarier upon rethinking. Even the most popular scare tactic of resolving an almost unavoidable harm in the last second and having everyone go: ah...with relief, but out of nowhere a hand suddenly shoots up to grab someone. Not even this. Actually kubrick treats differently scenes thatare potentially fraught with suspense in a way that makes sure you are aware of all angles and therefore have no reason to get startled. Maybe later, when you sit to watch it the second time! ( I bet you cannot do that alone with no empty Coke bottle by your side to save you the awkward trip to the bathroom!). Kubrick does not seem concerned about attainable mom…

Movie Critic Review: The Shining (1980) Part Two

Kubrick-King: A Creative Conflict "Londrina, Brazil --(SBWIRE) 02/01/2012--
The Shining Code is releasing a one-hour documentary which deciphers and explains the meaning behind Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Due to its mysterious nature, the movie left most viewers confused and unable to understand what the events that took place were all about. The Shining Code documentary unlocks more than 50 codes within the film, codes that finally shed some light on the mysteries that left so many scratching their head and wondering what possessed Kubrick to put forth such a film."  from

"I couldn't even make it through the whole movie, I didn't like it at all. It felt kitchy and didn't scare me at all as always." Writer one. 
"The movie stinks. BAD. It barely even relegates to the novel for the most part! The book is on" Writer Two

"I am a huge Kubrick fan. I love all his fil…

Movie Critic Review: The Shining (1980) Part One

People Who Shine Can See
Jack Torrance, a writer seeking to be on his own for a writing project, accepts a job as the winter caretaker for an off-season, isolated hotel situated in a snow-stricken mountainous area. On interviewing the writer for the job, the hotel owner felt obliged to warn him that the person who took this job before underwent sudden mental collapse which led him to kill his wife and their twin daughters and then shoot himself to death. Nevertheless, the writer accepts the job and is accompanied by his family (wife Wendy and son Danny)into a life of solitude and isolation which is gradually wrecked by unusual events that lead the writer to attempt to kill his family.
The film bases itself on the origins of these events and whether they are psychological or supernatural.
The writer who is apparently frustrated and prone to mental disease as is manifested by his inability to start or resume his writing project* and who is evidently an alcoholic, rapidly falls prey to a…