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Movie Critic Article (1/5): On The Last Airbender

Shades of Philosophy in 'The Last Airbender'

Original Article by Muhsin Khalid* Part One
"The Last Airbender" stands out among recent American movies as a distinct work of art that is loaded with aesthetic and philosophical revelations. 
Upon reflecting, I see its importance as arising mainly from the complex intellectual grounds that lay the foundations for various shades of meaning in the course of events of the movie. These foundations are only visible through very delicate encodings concealed in the techniques employed in the making of the film. Such techniques that are unique par excellence allow us to glimpse through the film components into the visual and the audible and to grasp the idea that stitches these components neatly together in a grand intellectual design and aesthetic cinematography that is stunningly well-conceived and beautiful.
The hero of the movie, a twelve year old child portrayed by Noah Ringer, is the last airbender or avatar. With each of th…

MovieGlobe: The Wall Concert Dazzles Vancouver

Roger Waters, iconic lead singer/guitarist and master lyricist of "Pink Floyd"
brought to BC Place Stadium, Vancouver Sat. May 26 the group's well-liked
concert: The Wall - a show billed as the largest rock concert in B.C. history.
 –  Ramon Klose/CTV
In my previous post Truly A Dystopian Movie I have examined another form
of existence for this colossal work of art. The third one, the original, was
a music CD.
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CTV British Columbia - Roger Waters’ The Wall concert dazzles Vancouver - News Photo Gallery

MovieGlobe: A Look Forward

Faisal Goes West

"Identity is only what we make of it." Bentley Brown.

This movie is not yet out!
Still in the rough cut and awaiting a soundtrack!
According to its maker, Bentley Brown, a Texan who lived in Africa for many years, "Faisal Goes West" highlights a more global story of human (in)equality, the dignity and indignity of the migrant experience, as you know — especially in the US and parts of Europe, people coming from Africa are often profiled in a negative light, never given the benefit of the doubt that they are intellectual human beings. This is something our film feel seeks to question. Specifically, in ‘this movie' we are focusing on a reality in America, on the absolute over qualification of immigrants.

"The film speaks to two kinds of audience in the USA. Firstly, to a generation of migrants, for whom there are direct parallels with the story told in the film. The second audience are the Americans who don’t really have a conception of their…

Movie Critic Article: The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

“We all owe God a death,” says Ryder.
"We each owe God a life,” responds Garber.
From the movie

Original Article by: Mohsen Khalid

The philosophical perspective of this movie arises from the events of a terrorist plot aimed at extorting a large sum of money. One of the two main characters in the movie ceases subway train Pelham 123 in New York and holds the passengers as hostages.
It is one of the most importantfilms for both DenzelWashingtonand JohnTravolta as it grants them, more than ever before, the opportunity to exhibit their ultimate skills as actors. The film is based, in essence, on the exchange between these two men while the drama in the content only serves to support the philosophical themes conveyed in their dialogue. A dialogue that is really geat,simple and has a sweeping effect that could inevitably lead the unwary of its sedition into the same destructive and declining fate which befell Andrey Yefimitch, the physician in the story by Anton Chekhov (Ward No.6) see cli…