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Movie Critic Article: In The Year 7 B.CGI.

Initially, I was craving to listen to the music score for the movie Rocky. The very first one (1976) which I had loved way before I saw the movie itself. It was composed by Bill Conti*. Very enthusiastic. Even victorious. An achiever's tune. Conti had the guts to put in some bars for the electric guitar in the midst of an instrumental ensemble. Just like Ennio Morriconi years before in Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Western movies (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly etc.) As is usually the case on Youtube, my attention was highjacked by one Spielberg fan. A laurawhitehead is offering a clip of the John William's score for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! Great music. But because I was kind of greedy trying to find a better sound quality...for nothing, I got completely diverted by one hell of  a revelation on 'how they dunnit' or what happened behind the scene in the aforementioned Spielberg movie on a different page on Youtube with a different guy (a guy actually,

Movie Critic Article: The Book of Eli (2010)

"It’s not just a book—it’s a weapon aimed at the hearts and minds of the weak and the desperate, and it will give us control of them." Carnegie, the villain in the movie. Reflections On "The Book of Eli" Original article by: Muhsin Khalid* A friend posted a comment on my thread in one of the internet forums on cinematic issues to the effect that he did not like the movie "The Book of Eli". I advised him to give it another thought as I believed the movie's subject-matter is not as superficial and aimless as it might appear at first sight. As a synopsis to the movie, a man by the name Eli (portrayed by Denzel Washington) drifts non-stop across the United States from east to west in the aftermath of an apocalyptic destruction of the human civilization.While  Eli is walking through total destruction, sweeping famine and enormous degradation of human beings, another man, a villain by the name Carnegie (Jerry Oldman) is searching all along fo

Movie Critic Review: Midnight Cowboy (1969)

In this video clip from the very beginning of the movie Midnight Cowboy,  the combined visual and auditory effects deliver the viewer right into the specific reality. In the first shot there is a brief surge of the typical war cries, horse gallops and gunshot noise of the Western genre on a blank screen. The camera zooms out on the huge screen of a drive-thru theater in broad daylight! Then a nostalgic squeak is gradually overridden by a singing voice which takes us into the beautiful banjo arpeggios of the song "Everybody Is Talkin".  In the closing shot for the credits we see the profile of a woman drinking from  a Coke bottle. Enough signifiers. We are in the land of the American dream!  Most people who read the novel, which was in itself a success, believe the movie is a 95% honest novel-to-movie translation. It tells the story of a naive young man (a cowboy from Texas) who moves east to New York to live off of rich women. New York to live off of rich women. He is