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Movie Critic Review: Truly A Dystopian Movie

What awaits a movie after its making? Critical acclaim? Commercial success? Which of these is more important for a movie? Could these two criteria be equal? A point at which a movie is at half way between hit and miss? I was thinking philosophical movies were doomed. Candidates for failure but the stunning fact is most of them were a success in both ways. For a list of philosophical movies go here Philosophical Films I am still looking for an Anthony Quinn movie of the sixties which was extremely unintelligable! And another one with Charlton Heston starring in it. Anyhow the statistics on "Pink Floyd The Wall" are not encouraging. So was it one of those "Flop for philosophy" movies or....what? Pink Floyd The Wall UK, 1982. 95 Min, Color, Genre: Psychedelic Drama Cast:  Bob Geldof* and others. Edited by Gerry Hambling Screenplay by Roger Waters Animation: Gerald Scrafe Music: T

MCA: Nightmarish Outcomes of Tyranny

Article by Taha Elkhalifa Dogtooth , the Greek film is a drama about how dictatorship could affect human behavior and psychology. Re-framing of people, for example, was the mere goal of the Islamist rulers of Sudan from 30th of June 1989 until now. The same process is taking place in many Arab Gulf countries with a continuum of human products that reflect the complete submission to the quiet and negative rejection of the re-framing process. In Dogtooth words are given different meanings for example zombie means yellow flower, telephone means table salt and pussy (the female genitalia) means lamp and the cat is an extremely dangerous animal. The three adolescents who have no names in the film were taught these meanings by their parents as the plot of the film says. An example of this same naming type was lived in Sudan during the civil war (1989-2007). The directed and controlled media of the Sudanese Islamic rulers practiced some sort of open deception as they named genocide an