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Movie Critic Article: Iranian Politics Gone Oscar Wild!

Meryl Streep
Iranian Oscar-Winning movie in a movie theater in Israel!
Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" won 5 technical Oscars, including best screenplay. The more glamorous Oscars went to the silent black and white movie "The Artist". Best actor went to the French Jean Dujardin in the "Artist". Elegant super-actress Meryl Steep kept collecting prizes on her role as the "Iron Lady". She took home 2012 Oscar Best Actress. Best supporting female actress went to Octavia Spencer and Best supporting male actor went to old-timer Canadian Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music). Iranian Asghar Farhadi's "Separation" won Best Foreign Language Movie. Among films from other countries on this category was the Israeli movie "Footnote"!

Movie Critic Review: There (is) Movies In The Air

But Lots of Dying Everywhere!
It's true; an inconvenient truth, though! I am not talking Syria
or Iraq but the other man-made disasters that are sending planet Earth into the environmental apocalypse!!
Probing into the huge number of cinema/movie festivals around the globe and their close occurences, I stumbled on such festival names as Goya Awards,Nica Awards, Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival or Thessaloniki Int'l Film Festival.
Lots of them!
But I found myself inclined to narrow my interest to revisiting the non-fictional movies in recent years. The prophetic or premonitional kind of depiction or the exact opposite, the optimistic, life-affirming one!  The reason must be obvious.
This is 2012!
The year of the ultimate prediction!
No matter to what degree what is circulating is just hype. Nature seems to favour this premonitional scary talk by sending a mild winter to Canada but also giving Europe a surprise dumping or setting the ice on fire in Iceland. And science i…

Movie Critic Review: Death Proof (2007) Part Two

Movie Critic Review: Death Proof (2007) Part One

MCA: Death Proof 2007 Part One The American Dream(Or How I Learned To Start Worrying And Love The Crash)The shocking video clip below includes moments of configured sex/violence corporeal fusion in which the machine (the deathproofed car) is the virulent metal-organic erection of a rapist Thanatos, exonerated and unrestrained!
This sequence from Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" flashes representations of the varied but agonizingly empty, almost one-dimensional hyperreality. Squirts postmodern denials of unity of the fragments in their spatial quest for meaning. Elements high and low in quality playfully displace the viewer from the onlooker's spot and catapult him into the lap of the gasping assailant as he climaxes under the shower of hot blood.
The sequence resonates guilt and frustration into your judgmental capacity and negates the natural positive inside you that pinpoints the right from the wrong. The victim is stripped of victimhood. The aggressor might well b…