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Movie Critic Article: Burning Issues Burn!

"His appearance kind of gave the Indian people more backbone,” said Shirley Satiacum of Brando. Movie Criti c Ar t icle: B urning I ssues  Burn! A Touch On Brando This man prevented a massacre in the mean time he had been awarded the ultimate American prize for cinema arts. The Oscar or academy awards! There was no hint of publicity-seeking on Brando's design other than what the incident at Wounded Knee (1973) deserved by virtue of its potential for human losses and national distress. Marlon Brando had taken his full potential for acting as a launching pad for his activist spirit, employing his own stakes without fear of repercussions. He had a history of activism which was generally race-related and/or oriented toward equality in society. Some of Brando's most controversial public views and statements were: 1) The subject-matter for this article i.e. sending an Apache Native American to refuse his Oscar for The Godfather in protest of the film industry’s

Directors Discourse: Interview with an Indian Master

Adoor Gopalakrishnan is one of India's greatest filmmakers. He has scripted and directed eleven feature films and several shorts and documentaries. Adoor is the pioneer of the New Cinema movement in Kerala . According to an account of the British Film Institute only two filmmakers from India have won the BFI’s Sutherland Trophy for most original and imaginative film — Satyajit Ray and Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Adoor has won the International Film Critics Prize six times, and in 2002 the Smithsonian Institution honoured him with a complete retrospective of his work. Adoor pioneered the film society movement in Kerala and formed India’s first film co-operative for production, distribution and exhibition. In the clip below he answers questions from Twitter, Facebook and email, as part of the BFI's Ask an Expert series. Thanks to BFI for making this possible!   Click for a Short List of Movies of A. Gopalakrishnan     Interview Why are your films not wid

Movie Critic ِArticle: The Wave (Die Welle) 2008

The Wave (Die Welle) 2008 Article by: Muhsin Elfaki For the very simple reason that I suffer the spread of the 'Culture of the Herd', that which is there in spite of the tech revolution and the rise of informatics, I hereby suggest that you watch this movie. Yes it is me! The same person who wrote somewhere in 2009 that "although the world from the historical point of view is known as a vast network of human communication and civil (?) transactions, humanity with all its advances in the various fields of science and technology has not been able to make networks stronger, more cohesive, or richer and more versatile. Ours is the age of communication without reach; of information without knowledge. The model of the era of globalization sacrifices all other models and weakens the global fabric of civilization into a flimsy network that entangles people into inability to contribute to its tissue and composition. Here is how I see it! What means Culture of the Herd?