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Susanne Bier: The Blue of Death

A vision of the movie In a Better World, from an angle. Susan Pierre:The Blue of Death By: Sara Salah Susanne Bier, holding fast to the human, throws an eye at humanitarian belonging. She sheds light, in this film, on human relationships in tales of the Third World, arguing that they are an integral part of her tales about death. These tales are represented by her characters in their commitment to the locale. Tales that embody the voice of fear and conflict in a solid dialogue and a robust scenario. Africa of Death, where Anton’s work brings him to face the dying innocents in a camp for the displaced as victims of gangs that kill women and children. Anton’s separation from his wife Marion factors in. On the other side, Christian, whose mother has recently died of cancer, moves from London to live with his grandmother in Denmark where he meets Anton’s son Elias at school.  Christian’s speech at the church reflects the poeticness of cinem