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UFO Viewings: Oh Boy! (1)

- Nothing is more twisted than the truth.
- Wow! What was that?
- That was a movie!

UFO Viewings: Oh Boy! (1)
(Special thanks to Ghassan)


Why would Spike Lee spend thirty million dollars and a year of his life remaking/interpreting/whatever a successful Asian movie by Korean director Chanwook Park?
This question is posed by someone who has not yet found the time to see Lee's movie!
The original Korean movie "Oldboy 2003" is purported by some to rank number 18 of the best 100 non-English speaking movies; or world cinema movies!
In November 2013 a Hollywood company released Spike Lee's 'Oldboy'.
The cuts made to the original film footage by the production company are deemed by some critics one of the reasons why the movie flopped from its first week. Other critics added that cultural differences are behind this apparent fiscal failure(?).
Cultural differences cited were: that the West looks differently at revenge (!) and that, in the West, movies ought to have…