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أنت ما انت

أنت ما أنت (مرثية لصديقي حمودة فتح الرحمن مهداة لصديقي الآخر الفاضل الهاشمي) ------------ هل بصُرنا بنهارٍ غمِقٍ يورث الاشياءَ نزعاتِ الذهابْ؟ انه الليلُ تغذى بالاسفْ وانمحاقاتِ الخيالِ وأسرى إنها الظلمات تفترس البريقْ وتعبأ لحروب مستدامةْ ما تجاسر من خطايانا القديمة هل رأينا بعيون مستريبة أن نسرًا حط في قلب الحديقةْ وتبعثرنا على خطو الهُزالْ؟ فإليك صاغرةً نجومُ الحيواتْ وذلك الفَلَك الذي ينظرني ولا يرضى أقل من أن تُزهقَ روحُ الوردة الفجريةْ اليك مسرجةُ الوداع وإليك أنْ توضأ لصلاةٍ في الغيابْ. أنت في الصبر دواةٌ لنزيف الحبرِ يكتب لا ولقمصانك ماء الأبدية ترتدي أفراحنا وعلى تلة فوضانا رياحينُ البسماتْ أنت في الصبرِ دواةٌ لنزيف الحبرِ يكتب لا لا تساوم في بقائك رهنَ الانتماءْ أنت ما أنت وأنت استثناءْ وفرادتُك... سرادقُ عرسٍ للذي ولى وفاتْ اكتوبر 2010


Once I lived in misery. Once I lived alone. Then I changed my address. Also changed my phone. Everything got different. Every sadness gone. When I threw my parties All reacted cool! Filled my life with ladies! Men of every type! Women of every calibre (Girls from every culture!) Lights, songs and laughter. Dates, waits and chimes! Now, before and after! Bliss! Bliss my baby! Did not lose an inch. A split-second of charm. When you gagged my feelings I did not lose a damn! I think, believe or maybe.....?

Unforetold Chronicles of A Death Forsaken

PART ONE For the first time I have an assumption that surpasses in its grandeur the solid facts of life. For the first time uncertainty has flourished into rich chronicles that anchored into my days the kind of wakefulness that no one would dare blink under its might. I decided not to see the "event" under the scattered lights I decided that, despite similarities, I would have my own kaleidoscopic vision of "this that took place" Faint your lights as you wish It would not matter to me! Go! I have been trained to find where you are for the last ten years "They are trying to limit the search by glorifiying the demise" They grabbed you by the liveliness while many were watching It does not matter how incompetent we all were The thing is one cannot review the episode without hitting the soul hard ... in the heart exactly where it all formulated where it really hurts I know exactly how you think You now exactly how I think My assumption is/was you