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Movie Critic Review: The Departed

Martin Scorsese's The Departed (2006)
"The Departed is streamlined, quick, sexy, funny, and genuinely shocking in places. ....the film as a whole plays like the best roller coaster in the park. Pure fun. I left feeling flushed."
Erika Schmidt

The Irish mafia guy in this Scorsese movie describes the American nation as being...
"a nation of f**king rats!"

Movie Critic Review: True Grit

Why do people in the film industry remake classic movies? Are they not able to find new cinematic projects? Is it out of a tendency to compete with the original movie they are remaking? Are they calling older 'given' audience? Or are they showing the new audience that classics are better than modern date productions?

Movie Critic Review: X-Men First Class (2011)

This is a breath-taking super-hero movie! Arguably the best of the X-Men series. You definitely would go back to watch the predecessor movies in this series. It would actually be a good idea to add this set of action-packed movies to your library!

Movie Critic Review: Inside Job

Inside Job:

An academy award winning documentary movie that is worth seeing as it helps one to figure out why there was such an economic crisis in 2008 and why it is nearly coming back!
The film traces the origins of the crisis through interviews and thorough research of documents that date back to the time of Ronald Regan.
Back then some financial regulations were passed that reduced control on banks and financial institutions and wreaked havoc in investment by favoring the growth of speculation and the emergence of corruption.
Actors: Matt Damon, Narrator. The rest of the cast is actually real-life people such as George Bush and William Ackman.

Director: Charles Ferguson (was an Oscar nominee 2008).

Other Reviews:

See bottom for links to buy the movie.

My Take:
The film unveils the role of some academics who were involved in corruption by virtue of them being consultants to corporations besides their academic positions.  It  also reveals that the new Obama admin…

Why Did James Cameron Wait 15 Years To Make Avatar?

Avatar is still bigger than anything in box-office earnings!
So why did James Cameron wait 15 years to make his movie Avatar (almost half the time it takes you to download/upload a movie to or from some of the big names of tv and movie service providers!!!)
It was not the art or technology that made the King of Movie-making wait all these years! It was people!

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Book Critic Review: Penn Jillette's "God, No!"

Penn Jillette, The American Magician, comedian, musician and writer was on CNN last night, August 16. He talked robustly with Wolf Blitzer on ideas from his latest book, "God, No!".