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UFO Viewings: Oh Boy! (2)

Oh Boy! (2) Intro: First, let me explain.  I have been pencrippled for the last few weeks by the audacity of death and annihilation. I have been devoid of creative thinking. You can't do that when there is a death wave. A tsunami of departures.  But, any way, it has abated a little! * Where are all my readers in Sweden ? I loved your country guys. But chose to go back when my country was  a little tolerable.  Now, I am thrown into the diaspora, country-less but warmly nestled in Canada! 2.1 In part (1) of this post we touched on the original movie Oldboy 2003. We were even able to find a full-viewing of it for my Arabic speaking readers. We also spoke lightly on the American remake of this movie by Spike Lee. You will notice that unlike his previous movies, Mr Lee did not wish to give this movie his preferred name: a Spike Lee Joint; that's how he called his movies, joints! He did no call Oldboy a joint because t he man was being very cautious as t