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Movie Critic Review: Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid (1973)

The Coburn-Kristofferson-Dylan Effect

Sam Peckinpah's "Pat Garrett And BillyThe Kid" is probably the most notable of the fifty or so movies that dealt with these two real characters turned lengedary merely by continued retelling over the years

Prepare for some overwhelming to happen as you will be dealing with strong character representations when you write or read about this movie. Co-stars (e.g. Katy Jurardo, Slim Pickens) are no less heavily impacting than stars (James Coburn, Kristofferson and Jason Robards). Well, and Bob Dylan? Bob Dylan in a cowboy? Actually I got the movie because of Dylan.The early seventies were "The Times They Are A Changin".  Although this was a sixties song!
Prophetic? May be! But Dylan's role must have been crafted for him for other considerations than drama! And music! May be the pursuit of lyricism or (the glorifying of it) was behind the choice of actors with a background in lyrics viz. Kristofferson and Dylan. But there are e…

MovieGlobe: Charles Burnett's "Namibia" in Algiers Film Festival

What American Filmmakers Say in An African Festival!! Speaking mostly in French at a news conference in Algiers Saturday Nov. 19, American filmmaker Oliver Stone (Platoon 1986, Wall Street 1987 and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Never 2010) said he was shocked by the global financial crisis and “to see how money was venerated by America.” He also said:" The United States do not live in a democracy even under Barack Obama!"
Stone was in Algiers to attend the "Algiers International Film Festival" which centered its first edition around the "Film Engage" or the "committed movie" which according to
the festival organiser Zehira Yahi was

"about defending ideas, practices or ethics, in whatever field that may be. The most obvious example is of political engagement!" Oliver Stone participated in this festival by his movie "Persona Non Grata". It is worth mentioning that Oliver Stone is the son of a former Wall Street financier an…

Movie Critic Article: Star Wars (The Galactic Cultural Events)

The Galactic Cultural Events
The last part of Star Wars, for the lovers of the series, is not just another part that is full of events and exciting successive planetary wars or adventures of the Jedi Knights seeking to suppress the evil and bring peace across the galaxy. Fans have seen a lot of this in the previous parts.
In this last part a whole generation of viewers come to watch the story of the end. To finalize the workshop which started from the middle parts thereof.The youth of the seventies of the last century who saw the story of the collapse of the forces of darkness and the return of the forces of good to lead the world in the first part of the series later subtitled by George Lucas as “Episode IV: A New Hope”, watch in their maturity the last part which tells the story of the beginning of the fading away of forces of good and the control of evil and dictatorship of The Galactic Republic. In this part “Star Wars: Revenge of  the Sith-2005” Lucas awakens our minds to memories t…

Movie Critic Review: Bonnie And Clyde (1967)

Arthur Penn's Depiction Of The Depression
A registered user at IMDb by the name Ironside writes on "Bonnie And Clyde" here: "One of the stimulating moments in the film happens when Clyde chases Bonnie through a yellow corn field, while a cloud transverses the sun and slowly shadows the landscape...Here the characteristic quality of the Texas countryside and the vague aspect of the story are beautifully communicated.." This is precisely the reason why I have always wanted to commend, recommend and suggest this movie to anybody looking for a good movie to watch. The cloud travelling over the fields. I have seen the movie several times to relive this rare poetic scene. The impact of a subtle conveyance of the meaning of life by the passage of the cloud have always felt so good. Arthur Penn's masterpiece "Bonnie And Clyde" was nominated for ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture, won two Oscars, one for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and another fo…