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Cinema and Literature

Cinema and literature By: Badreldin H. Ali
Cinema and literature is, undoubtedly, an interesting subject. It is actually one of the subjects that I have always aspired to accomplish ever since my early study of the theater or, more accurately, my entry into theatrical criticism. World cinema is full of movies taken from famous novels. It is a pleasure to remember those movies that were based on literary works by such authors as Naguib Mahfouz, Youssef Al-Soubai, Ihsan Abdul-Kuddous, Yusuf Idris and others. Egyptian cinema has paid due regard to literary works that have managed to achieve massive popular success besides impressive critical acclaim and have thus entered the lists of best-selling novels. Filmmakers have invested in these "bestseller" novels by turning them into movies that won popular acclaim. The relationship between cinema and literature is in fact as old as cinema itself. There  would not have been cinema, had it not been for literature to exist. This is atteste…