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UFO Viewings: Awesome Free Stuff

UFO VIEWINGS Free Stuff There are some places on the internet where you can find and enjoy free features/docues and so on but usually they would be old. Other sites will require your credit card or that you fill a survey but also will demand changes on your main home page and/or your preferred search engine. One site that does not, apparently, require things from you and has some good ol' stuff is here: Ziad Doueiri The Attack (2012) I do not know why this 2012 movie you are about to see is made available so soon for free sharing. Full movie! You can read my article on it by clicking on the link below. Movie Critical Article: The Attack Watch 'The Attack' movie trailer:      Watch 'The Attack' full movie HERE ------------- Scorsese The second freebie today is the Kurd movie (Rhino Season), also a 2012 production. Reason for early release for free-viewing is not yet clear! At least for me! Bel

Movie Critic Article: The Wrong Pussy

I am good! I only saw one movie based on a Dan Brown novel! It was Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code . So, I don’t have to share in the many quibbles in internet forums about movies based on Dan Brown’s novels. But I will try here to argue that the campaign to induct a new hero into pop culture is doomed. The attempt at popularizing Robert Langdon* which became obvious after the success of the aforementioned movie is fraught with slightness in regards to the concept of heroism.  Let me hasten to state that I believe heroism is still pertinent to cinematic interpretations despite its demise in literature. Sean Connery Robert Langdon has also been allocated an official website. You would be visiting a web site that belongs to a Harvard professor who in fact does not exist if the notion did not sound nonsensical to me!  The idea of a James Bond parallel serialized out of Harvard university is definitely uninteresting as the traits, attributes, patterns and even props