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Drought, Sharia: Extra Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Movie Critic Review

"All cinema is Political" Costa Gavras.
If you have not yet seen any of the short movies made by one of the
leading African filmmakers, then here you are!
A shared copy of roughly the 27 minutes that the movie spans!
Our admiration and respect go to Mr. Ibrahim Shaddad, the filmmaker.
It is needless to ask if you have had enough of African cinema!

Short Movie: Insan (Human Being) 1994.

A herdsman, obviously not poor, is forced to move away with his family and cattle toward the big city to avoid perishing from the drought which stroke his natural Bedouin habitat in sub-Saharan west Sudan, Africa. En route, he loses to death from thirst, his family and all but one cow left from his cattle.
In the unwelcoming city, where the man is stunned by the abundance of water for him and his cow, life turns to be harsher than the drought in that his kind of people is not able to fit and sustain himself through a job. He is completely marginalized and excluded. All he …