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Scenitunes: Memorable Movie Scores

Are movies made to be seen once, at the core of design?
I personally think movies, as an art from, usually have a lot embedded in them.
Movie makers such as Stanley Kubrick, Fellini or Tarantino like to reveal that they put a lot of things on their movies. They would like you to go find them out. And this is the author's right to have his viewers look for things that have referential value. It is pretty much like when you go back to a certain dialogue or description in Tolostoi's War and Peace or in Hemingway short story. The author's right to think of an eternal value to his work! Indeed some works like The Shining or Death Proof  merit several revisiting.
Before the rise of the movie maker or director as an author, there was that seemingly secondary element of the feature film that kept movies so memorable and likely seen more than twice. The music. The score. The sound track, the "music that accompanies and helps in understanding the visual".
Music was one maj…

MCA: Horizon Shot and What Not

A Brush With Intertextuality

"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing." Salvadore Dali
“Creativity is just connecting things” Steve Jobs.
(RIP Jobs this is what I am doing in this post!)
"There’s no such thing as originality anyway, just authenticity.” Helene Hegemann-Pictured above.

I wanted to share with you a 'horizon shot' that I like to watch from time to time.
But two things came up!
First I lost sound in my laptop for a while now.
The music in that shot is part of the lyrics.
I think it was a brief bass note synchronized with the leap over the horizon of three UN SUVs followed by low-flying Helicopters. The lack of sound will not help me help you appreciate the shot.
Second, some 'what not' came up in the aftermath of the outrageous literary theft committed by a 17 year old German author who copycatted into a book another person's blog and went viral, selling 100,000 copies of the book in 3 weeks. Issues of authorship, orig…

Slideshow at The O.K. Corral

Slideshow at The O.K. Corral*

The paintings and the music, The smell of East Africa, the clay of the river Nile, of distant cultures. The costumes and aroma. The scent of a primordial home..

The Artist at Work

* When it comes to art, you are always near and never at.