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Rituals of Transformations

What Is It? Rituals of Transformations The Tenth Final Ritual The Ritual of Chemistry Poem by M A Shabasha Come, O my loved one, let’s dance outside the battlegrounds and fling our bodies onto the bed of clouds. Far away from honor, far away from  the bread with curses assigned, the twisted kind of bread. Far away from values. Values that deprive us of the ecstasies of sin, of musing afar from the dwelling for which we blasted the yearnings; desires of the soul, and exchanged exiles and fabricated kisses. Come so we lunge and leap across the open cities of binders and statues. Let's hurt and inflame, with whips of whim and caprice, the memorabilia of days and render into silence the neighs of our suitcases, the neighs of imagining. Come so I disseminate an acre of landmines between your bosoms and the fingers of the moguls. Come so I pass it not a lonely night or set my memory on fire with salt and appariti