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Movie Critic Review: A Prophet (2009)

"..that’s what cinema is all about – it produces monumental figures, icons, male or female, people who are emblematic of their time, who are in their time and who define their time.” French filmmaker Jacques Audiard

Malik el Djebena, a young Arab who is condemned to six years in a French prison, cannot read or write, but soon figures out the politics of the prison. Though Malik is only 19-years-old, the leader of the Corsican gang who rules the prison corners him and gives him certain 'missions' to carry out. He quickly gains the confidence of the gang leader, as these assignments begin to toughen him up. But Malik soon develops some plans of his own. It appears very familiar, this plot for the film! But to venture into making it, I would do the same: equate it to the "God Father""A Prophet" is deemed by some critics as to contain one of the finest assassination scenes ever committed to celluloid.
Audriard has been removed from the auteur list for some…

Movie Critic Article: The Da Vinci Code

Umberto Eco- "I was obliged to read it because everybody was asking me about it. My answer is that Dan Brown is one of the characters in my novel Foucault’s Pendulum, which is about people who start believing in occult stuff."
Editor- But you yourself seem interested in the kabbalah, alchemy and other occult practices explored in the novel.
Umberto Eco- "No. In Foucault’s Pendulum I wrote the grotesque representation of these kind of people. So Dan Brown is one of my creatures."

Are you initiated?
If not, do not watch this movie! It will appear dull to you whereas it is only dim! The perceived dullness is due to the fractional differences between the large number of codes, the Fibonacci numbers, and our average ability to assimilate information.
It might occur to you that parts of this movie were shot in Paris, the City of Light! But all you can see is dark and UnParisly! But dimness becomes conspiracies!

To be initiated on the immense subject matter of this movie…

Article: The Mandela/Kedrova Situation

Reality While the heroic Wilson Mandela lies on his deathbed, his family and kinsfolk break a fight over his belongings!

CinemaIn Michael Cacoyannis's masterpiece Zorba the Greek 1964, while Mme Hortense (portrayed by legendary actress Lila Kedrova) lies on her deathbed, the villagers start invading her house to steal her belongings! 

The world is a ghetto!

The Gulf International Film Festival