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Scenitunes: Once Upon a Time Morriconne 3/3

Part Three

Ennio Morricone
I talked about a Christie and a Christy in part two.
In a soundtrack suite for The Big Gundown complied by Soundtrack Suiter in Youtube only the last few sentences of the song Run Man, Run can be heard.
I remember I had an LP vinyl record from the early seventies that had the whole song among other Morricone film scores.
I used to wonder over the years, why this song appears to have been neglected. In fact, I did not have enough resources to answer my questions about this singer's appreciation by either fans or critics.
In the late sixties and early seventies, title or theme songs were becoming a trend in soundtrack compositions. Examples were the songs in the James Bond movies and several Italian and French movies. I always thought that the singer Christy who performed this great song (Run, man. Run!) was no less gifted or endowed with a powerful voice than Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger), Tina Turner (Golden Eye), Madonna (Die Another Day) and, lately Adelle in(Skyfall).
So the suite in Youtube is a non-official compilation but, still the person on Youtube (Soundtrack Suiter) who made it is commendable for doing the great job of smoothly editing a suite for The Big Countdown.
But my quest for more information on Christy went on.
I found more collaborations between Morricone and singer Christy and other gems of which I am going to cite some at the end of this post.
One of Christy's several collaborations with Morricone is the song "Deep Down " in the 1968 Italian Mario Bava's movie (Diabolik) in which she was described by one critic as "an insane singer with a wild passionate delivery which rivals even Italian pop goddess Mina!” This description of the quality of Christy's singing voice also applies to her song Run, man. Run which is characterized by surprising changes in tempo and a restless rise of voice to near crashing!
Christie is in fact the Italian Vocalist, Maria Cristina Brancucci.

Another beautiful collaboration of Christie with Morricone is this nice song done for the movie "O.K. Connery" aka "Operation Kid Brother". An Italian spoof of  the James Bond movies.

Gems On The Go

Gem No. One:  Ennio Morricone had several collaborations with the American folk singer Joan Baez! A fact that I did not know about. It was in the movie Here's to You 1971 (US/Italy).

Here’s to you, Nicola and Bart,

rest forever here in our hearts.

The last and final moment is yours.

That agony is your triumph.

Gem No. Two (Best of the Gems): Kevin Blechdom

This is probably the best part in this post on Morricone. Kevin Blechdom (born Kristin Erickson), the American experimental electronic musician/performing artist multi-tracking, all by himself and ( a cappella=without instruments) the difficult song Run, man. Run! 


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