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Scenitunes: Once Upon A Time Morricone (2)

Part Two

I Knew Christie

A UFO Text based on Morricone's music.

Tired Christie lay motionless.
No one knew how to keep her on our faintly rattling chain of life.
Many were our chains and entrappings.
Then in one of her murky faints Christie disappeared.
No one knew anything about her.
I was secretly happy!
Disappearance is more honorable than cadaverous death.
I rejoiced in secret. Death did not make her parting with life hard.
Did not humiliate her as He always does.
The most beautiful thing is that she is not officially dead.
Or, maybe, she exempted me from the ritual of remembering the dead.
Now it's me and the shredded body parts!
Can I distinguish her smell?
Oh, I wish I had a bottle of perfume to spill on her!
But, it's clear her disappearance is more merciful than the most devout prayer.
She was so optimistic that there is a place where men do not kill each other.
She used to rejoice at seeing a newcomer.
She would thoroughly scan his face, then turn to me.
"It's a human being!" she would say.
"See how beautiful he is?" she would ask me.
Concealing my jealousy, I told her she was just looking for security!
I told her Humans run-down past us and then die before we see a shadow
of a smile in the face of any of them.
I pleaded to her: "Christie! We are not all brothers. There are the Dead among us.
The half-dead and the Replicants!"
"We are not safe from Fear."
She used to say that Fear could be scared back by the flight to Freedom.
That Death was bargaining the demise of the fetters.
I sit on the edge of a stream leaning on my thirst
The self is still sickened by blood running
amixed with water
Her voice comes to me so strongly as if she stands behind.
Do not concede! Do not let for them a victory!
Do not give your back to Sunrise.
And run your utmost run
For Evil here is felt in the air, hisses in the air!
Be like a prey in gasping away from traps
Without taking your fear as a habit.
Run the valleys and horizons to stay loose.
Until you reach a place where they
Never, never. Never, never. Never, never
will be able to find and hide you.
Never, never, let them be victorious on you.
Run your best, man. Your utmost love of life.
Run here and now, at once. You can!
Run to the face of the sun
Never, never let them be the conquerers of you.

Now that I told you about Christie because I am the one to be asked about her, here's some of what she used to say in lyrics. In this pathetic, ominous and haunting melody that is ever ascending to just before the crash. Cristy, the Italian singer in Morricone's music score, has such a strong voice that is full of emotion. It almost touches on the edge beyond falsetto. But, Never, never!
Incidentally this song is for lovers of loud speaker or headphone listening. If you are not of this type of people you won't enjoy the sounds, maybe.
Here is the Colossal Song with lyrics below the Clip:

Somewhere there is a land where men do not kill each other
Somewhere there is a land where men call a man a brother
Somewhere you will find a place where men live without fear
Somewhere, if you keep on running, someday you'll be freey
Never, no never no they'll never lock you in
No never, no never, no never let them win
Go ahead young man, face towards the sun
Run man, run while you can
Run man, run man, run.
Running like a hare, like deer, like rabbit
Danger in the air, coming near, you can feel it
And you're panting like hare, like deer like a rabbit
Running from the snare until fear is a habit
Hurry on and on and on
Hurry on and on, hurry on and on
Run and run until you know you're free
Run to the end of the world 'til you find a place
where they never never never
No never no they'll never lock you in
Never, no never, no never let them win
Go ahead young man, face towards the sun
Run man, run while you can
Run man, run man, run

From the movie "The Big Gundown"
Music: Ennio Moriconni
Sung by Cristy
Words by Audrey Nohra


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