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A Celebration of Bob Marley's 60th Birthday

May the eleventh

"In THIS great future, you can't forget your past"                          Bob Marley in "No Woman, No Cry".
OK, what is this THIS? By all means (but one!) it should be the present.
But Marley (being very kind) annexed it to the future (and not the past) thereby giving us the sense of only two times:future and past!
I once wrote on Facebook that there is nothing "present"! The moment you become aware of "the present", it's gone!
A few weeks ago I cited a scientific research finding that was reached by neuro-scientists. When you say "Now" you are actually referring to something that has passed. This 'present' thing is actually one of the many illusions in life!
Attaching (the so called) present events to the future is not just "futuristic" what ever that may mean, it is a huge act of showing optimism and hope, of passing on to the next moment what you know belonged to the previous one. This sits snugly with the essence of art and artistic creation i.e. being positive. BUT, let's come back to who triggered this whole post? Bob Marley! A philosopher for you to revisit...everyday.
Bob Marley's iconic achievement was extensively approached by writers and film-makers.
In her 2005 documentary film Africa Unite, Stephanie Black, the film-maker, summons
the "spirit of world-renowned reggae icon BOB MARLEY" in every frame of her movie.
This documentary-turned-concert was recorded live in 2005 in Ethiopia years after the legend had died. It tells about a huge party held in that country by Marley's family members and close friends. Marley's wife Rita and their sons did all the singing along with a few vintage clips of Marley himself in action. The connexion between Marley and Ethiopia is that Ethiopia was "ruled by Emperor Emperor Haile Selassie, whom Marley and other Rastafarians regarded as God incarnate." To better understand Marley's philosophy I refer you to his lyrics. There is a lot of insight in the words of many of Bob marley's songs in here.
Here is what one fellow reviewer had to say about this DVD:"A clear and very well organized DVD. I love the historical clips added to show the story of Rasta and Bob. It is a very nice DVD to have as a collection."
Africa Unite: Names on the movie: Dudley Thompson, Danny Glover, Rita Marley and Lauryn Hill. Producer/Director Stephanie Black.


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Late Elliot Smith's Version Of Marley's Concrete Jungle
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  1. Hassan Abdul Moneim11 October 2011 at 04:17

    YES INDEED .. there are many insights in Bob Marley's songs . I always find my thoughts drifted away in memories that were not mine when I listen to him singing:
    Ya see, in life I know there's lots of grief,
    But your love is my relief:
    Tears in my eyes burn - tears in my eyes burn
    While I'm waiting - while I'm waiting for my turn


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