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Movie Critic Review: "The Fighter" 2010

The Fighter (2010)

Guess what you are going to watch?
You are not going to see a new version of “Rocky” and sequels in this movie . Actually the film is not about glory and individual heroism. Yet probably we are going to see The Fighter 2 and so on.
Review: It is about the struggle of a boxer (Micky- Mark Wahlberg) from an under-privileged working class family yearning for a better life and how he was helped to rise to fame by his half-brother(Dickie- Christian Bale) who was himself a champion of the same sport but was wrecked by crack after he had been defeated in a fight for welterweight boxing.

It is about a positive and rewarding reunion that saved the family from poverty.
This strong  storyline was actually based on the story of a real-life family living in a town called Lowell, Massachusetts.
I heard some members of the family approved and watched this movie about their son. Cool, right? “The Fighter” , as one of the best of 2010 movies, is characterized by powerful performance from  (Christian Bale) which won him the Oscar of this year for acting.
He depicted in a superb way the charisma of (Dickie) the previous boxing champion and the big brother in his family. Actor Christian Bale is said to have had to go on a severe diet to assume this charisma. So dieting brings you charisma. Try it!
Actress Melissa Leo (Alice, the mother) also achieved  the Oscar for her  part in which she showed a first-class sense of drama. Amy Adams as the wise and inspiring girl-friend did a great acting  job as well.
As I said “The Fighter” is all about the outstanding performances of the people who made it.
It’s worth adding that director David O. Russell was nominated for this year’s Oscar  for best directing but it went to Tom Hooper the maker of The Kings Speech. The movie itself was nominated for best movie of the year 2010.
“The Fighter”, (2010) 116 minutes, is deemed excellent by most critics and is worthy of watching.

"The Fighter" 116 min.
  • Christian Bale as Dickie
  • Mark Wahlberg as Micky
  • Melissa Leo as Alice
  • Amy Adams as Charlene
Directed by: David O. Russell
music by: Michael Brook

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